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Eco Friendly Stainless Steel Straws - 8pcs

Eco Friendly Stainless Steel Straws - 8pcs

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Did you know in the USA 300 MILLION straws are disposed of every single DAY?!

A plastic straw takes 1,000 years to decompose in which case it becomes micro-plastics which NEVER fully disappear. Plastic is our oceans biggest poison, it's time to ditch plastic in every way we can. You can make a HUGE difference in such an easy way. These eco-friendly straws are perfect. Keep them in your purse, car or anywhere! We include a straw brush to easily clean the inside. 8 pieces giving you more than enough to keep one where ever you need. 

Be apart of the movement! 

Say NO to single-use straws!

The next time you order that burger and combo say 'no straw' - we need more people striving to make a difference. So many people say they just don't know how to help make an impact on taking care of our earth, this is a great way to.

The more people who notice you making a change will consider changing their ways as well. Share these with friends and bring them everywhere - make our earth more conscious to making an effort every time you have a drink!

One straw reused is enough to start a revolution!

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